Challenge to Silver Promoters (posted January 1999)

To The Promoters Harassing Me (posted January 1999)

To the General Reader (posted January 1999)

Challenge to Silver Drug and Supplement Promoters

There is a whole body of medical literature on argyria and silver. All the evidence that I have seen indicates that ingesting silver in any form, amount or particle size is at best useless and at worst harmful! If you have evidence to the contrary, please show it to me. Silver in my body certainly has never helped me. I had breast cancer in 1984 at the age of 42. My face was so gray that the nurses in pre-op thought that I was in cardiac arrest.

To the Promoters Presently Harassing Me

First, I do not take collect phone calls from people I don't know with the initials CS, colloidal silver.

Second, I am tired of having you ask me for toxicity studies on the products that you sell. You are the ones who should be showing me and all your customers those studies. You should have done them and published them for scientists with no financial interest in your products to see and verify before you ever started selling your merchandise. That is what people who manufacture and sell drugs have to do.

In fact, I think that every manufacturer in the U.S. has to show that their product has met safety standards established by independent experts such as food scientists, mechanical, structural, electrical or automotive engineers, unless of course they are selling dietary supplements which are unregulated by any government agency in the U.S. (URLs to be posted.)

Third, all the evidence I have seen indicates that silver, and only silver, causes argyria. Your product allegedly contains silver and water yet you tell me it cannot cause argyria. How do you know this? Do you think that the water magically prevents silver from forming chemical bonds with human tissue, or do you have some evidence demonstrating that it does?

To General Readers

Here are some of the FAQs that promoters have been requesting. More will follow as well as material on related subjects that I have a lot of information on.

I am sorry if I appear annoyed at times. Most of the questions are valid and have also been asked by honest people who really want to know. I get tired of having the same people continually ask the brand of silver I took, the amount and particle size. I get annoyed that they cannot accept, "I don't know."

I also get angry when people who don't know me call me names like Nazi. I yell right back at them. Most apologize. I am tired of writing about silver and argyria. There is a whole body of medical literature on the subject. I got my information by reading that and speaking with doctors who have seen argyric people.

There is no way around it. If you want detailed, accurate information about a medical subject you have to read the med. lit. or find someone to do the studies required to answer your questions, if you don't have the resources to do them yourself. Without the studies to produce the data there are no answers, just guesses.

And of course even with all the resources in the world to use for research, many questions just cannot be answered. That is how things are in the real world. It isn't my fault.

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